Besides joining a community of 7,000+ members who support this locally owned cooperative business, you’ll also receive…

New Owner Discount

Get a 10% discount on your first purchase as an owner. Welcome aboard!

Owner Appreciation Days

Receive a 20% discount on all purchases during this semi-annual event. Stock up and see serious savings. Our 2018 Owner Appreciation Day periods are April 13-16 and September 14-17.

Case Discounts

Take 10% off cases, both on the shelf and special ordered.


Opt in for exclusive e-mails with store news, information on specials, and important dates sent right to your Inbox.

Voting Rights

One member = one vote. Vote in the annual Board of Directors elections and impact the future direction of the co-op. Plus, nominate and vote different local non-profit organizations for our Give Where You Live program.

Annual Celebration

Receive an invitation to celebrate with other owners at our Annual Owners Meeting.

Participation Opportunities

Watch our website and Facebook page for the latest chance to get involved.

Room Rental

Need a space to meet? Reserving the Community Room is free for our Owners.

Discounts at Local Businesses

Click Here for a full list of participating local partners.

Patronage Rebates

In profitable years, our Board of Directors may issue a small patronage rebate allowing owners to get back part of the profit from their own purchases.

Overwrites ON CHECKS

Write checks up to $40 over your total amount for cash back.

Credit Union

Eligible to join Greater Kentucky Credit Union, a local financial cooperative.

Remember – the benefits of your Good Foods Co-op ownership are tied to use, not to your investment amount. The more you choose to spend, the more return you will see on your equity investment.