A New Kind of Resolution

This post was written by our own Kathryn Dickens, Sampling Coordinator at Good Foods Co-op and also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Starting in January, she’ll be co-teaching a three-part class series about diets and healthful eating with Annie Koempel, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Ahhh, a brand new year… … Read More.

7 Ways To NOT Mess Up Your Holiday Roast

Are you cooking for the family for the first time? Or maybe you just don’t cook all that much, but you’re in charge of the holiday meal? A popular entree choice for your special occasion is a beef tenderloin, and guess what? It’s a pretty forgiving and flavorful cut of meat. Plus, it’s worth trying … Read More.

Sugar & Spice: Shake Up Your Holiday Baking

Consuming sweet treats seems to be a rite of passage for holiday revelers. It isn’t officially the season of cheer if you aren’t experiencing a sugar crash at least once a week. At a certain point, though, that sugar overload seems to dampen the taste buds. It’s time to wake them up with some new … Read More.

A Guide To Winter Squash

We may already be in a December-holidays mindset, but when it comes to eating seasonally, squash is still king. Winter squash are harvested late summer through fall, then cured or “hardened off” in open air to toughen their exterior. This process ensures the squash will keep for months without refrigeration. When selecting any variety of … Read More.

Finding Community During Difficult Holidays

The holidays were always a magical and cherished time of year for me as a child and young adult, with plenty of traditions to look forward to. Dad serving up the Christmas Eve lasagna. We’d do Thanksgiving with my mom’s family each year and I could expect my favorite dishes to grace the table each … Read More.

Talk Turkey To Me

It’s time! My most favorite meal of the year is upon us. Well, meals if we want to be accurate. Like most people these days, my Thanksgiving celebrations stretch out over many weeks. Between multiple friendsgivings and family Thanksgivings for both myself and my boyfriend, I eat Thanksgiving dinner a handful times, and I’m totally OK … Read More.

A Truckload of History & Amazing Anniversary Deals

We have much to celebrate at Good Foods Co-op. This month marks National Co-op Month and November marks our 45th anniversary. In an effort to share our celebrations with our loyal shoppers and mark this proud milestone, we’ll be having a Truckload Sale Friday, October 13 through Sunday, October 15 (while supplies last). Not only … Read More.

Modern Day Malnutrition

Article by Mac Stone and published here courtesy of the Elmwood Stock Farm newsletter. I listened to a radio program discussing how the vast US agricultural industrial complex is leaving us malnourished while trying to provide affordable food to the rest of the world. It stated that the majority of US eaters are consuming way … Read More.

Hurricanes’ Effects Will Be Felt In Kentucky For Some Time To Come

Hurricanes have devastated much of the southern United States over the past few weeks and even for those of us here in Kentucky, that weather is causing some conundrums. Photo credit: www.wunderground.com Produce peril is one thing that will most likely have a direct effect on what we eat throughout the winter and what’s available … Read More.