Today’s Hot Buffet – Tuesday, October 23

Chorizo Casserole then Black Bean Roasted Corn Stew; Sweet Potato Kale Au Gratin; Smoked Paprika Tilapia then Tilapia w/ Garlic Sauce; Chicken Broccoli Casserole then Basil Balsamic Chicken


Cayenne Potatoes; Sesame Beets then Roasted Parsnips then Old Bay Cauliflower; Organic Red Beans; Squash w/ Feta then Italian Zucchini Squash; Corn Pudding then Maple Sweet Potatoes; Organic Brown Rice; Steamed Broccoli; Good Foods Kale and Much More!


Vegan Curried Autumn Squash; Tomato  Parmesan; Italian Pork and Mushroom; Wheat Free Chicken & Rice