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Tofurkey Products Returning To Shelves Soon

Tofurkey makes some of our best-loved products, but the company has been having some significant issues lately which has prevented us from being able to offer things like their ever-popular deli slices among other things. Liana Davis, Customer Service Representative for the Tofurkey Company expects production to be back to normal by the end of the year, but says there are three significant reasons for the current shortage. Here’s what she had to say:

“The current situation is a sort of ‘perfect storm’ of issues in our main production facility, including: • Exceptional demand for our core product lines. We’ve had record order levels in the last few months which were even beyond our growth projections. • A significant production equipment failure earlier in the summer resulted in our falling behind on meeting demand. That’s resolved now but we still need to ‘catch up’ on demand. •Labor shortage. We are located in a major agricultural region and demand for labor is currently at a peak while unemployment numbers are at record lows in our immediate area. Essentially understaffed in production to meet the strong demand, and cannot find sufficient workforce at this time of year because of the strong demand from local agriculture. While we are working diligently to ‘staff up’, the strong labor market means we will be unable to meet production demand fully in the near term, and we expect shortages to continue for about eight weeks.

Everyone at The Tofurkey Company apologizes for the shortages and we thank you for your support of us as we work to bring production back up to speed. I assure you we are doing everything possible to correct this as soon as possible.”

In the meantime, we also want to thank you for your patience and to let you know that we’ve temporarily brought in some similar products from other companies to help ease the shortage. If you have any questions or comments about this situation, feel free to call (859) 278-1813 or email