We’re currently recruiting Good Foods Ambassadors to help strengthen our reach in the community. If you’d like to offer your talents and time, we’d love to have you! Please fill out the form below.

Let us know what you can do.

I’m part of an organization and could help foster a relationship between it and the Co-op YesNo

I’d like to start a group or club that meets at Good Foods, or would like my existing group to meet there YesNo

I have contacts to organizations that should probably be doing more with the Co-op YesNo

I'd like to get my business/employer to cater more through Good Foods or host business lunches in the cafe YesNo

I have other talents to share YesNo

I'd love to represent the Co-op by tabling at community events YesNo

I love networking, give me some talking points to use and watch me go YesNo

That’s it! Someone from our board or staff will contact you to follow up.

Thank you very much for supporting your Co-op!