How to Make Tea Work for You

It’s easy to stereotype people who drink hot tea. The Queen of England drinks hot tea. The Dowager Countess of Grantham drinks hot tea. Captain Jean Luc Picard drinks hot tea. But I realized recently when I was nearly injured by the tea boxes that regularly explode out of my cabinet, that tea isn’t just … Read More.

How To Make Working Out Work for You

Moving around doesn’t seem like it should be a hot button issue, but it’s surprisingly polarizing. People, especially on the internet, seem to be either so into exercising that it consumes their entire being (#FitFam #ExerciseAddict #CrossfitAllDayEverydayLiterallyLikeIShouldProbablyBePostingAboutItAgainAsSoonAsIFinishThisHashtag) or so against it that they will attempt to avoid it even at the risk of their own … Read More.

A Cousin to Co-ops: B Corp Businesses & Why They Matter

  In a time when most Americans don’t see a point in voting in political elections, it can be hard to believe our voice matters. The magnitude of problems like inequality, poverty and environmental distress faced by people today can be another reason for the mass disillusionment that has led some experts to start referring … Read More.

Fast Food the Healthy Way

Fast. Probably also food. Fast food is great because it’s fast, but, more often than not, it’s not the best thing to put into your body and sometimes barely qualifies as food. The good news is, it doesn’t have to involve a drive-through or come with a side of fries. It’s possible to do fast … Read More.

Holiday Meats: A Guide

Food is an important element of many holidays (and my favorite thing about some holidays. Grilled everything on Labor Day? Don’t mind if I do). The protein of the meal is often the centerpiece of gatherings of family and friends, and sometimes even involves a traditional recipe handed down through generations. But just because your … Read More.

Show Gratitude with a Fair-Trade Thanksgiving

“Overeating is the reason for the season” – pretty much everything including this dog shirt Thanksgiving seems to be one of the most overlooked federal holidays on the American calendar. (Notice I said federal holidays. Days like National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day do not count and probably deserve to be overlooked.) There are barely any … Read More.

Bulk Shopping: Save Money and the Planet

“Did someone say spelt?” Bulk shopping for salt and oats may not seem like an exciting adventure (unless you’re about to set out on the Oregon Trail,) but when you shop our bulk aisle, you can be the master of your own destiny. You can eliminate single-use waste altogether, discover a new favorite flavor, actually … Read More.