You Gotta Try This: New Product Spotlight

There’s always something new to try at the Co-op, and unless you have an unlimited budget and appetite (which I’m guessing very few of us do), the hardest part of trying something new may be knowing which new product to add to your cart. I’ve tested out some of these new additions to our product … Read More.

Cold Brew It Yourself

Over the course of this balmy Kentucky summer, I have consumed a lot of cold brew. I love a hot coffee (with cinnamon creamer) in the cooler months, but when it’s hot outside, the cold stuff (with milk) is all I crave.  Like the name suggests, cold brewing coffee is a method by which coarsely … Read More.

Your New Favorite Pancake: The Dutch Baby

Do you Dutch baby? Are you scratching your head as to what I’m even talking about? For those unfamiliar, a Dutch baby is like an eggy, souffle pancake. Made from a very smooth and light batter, it inflates in the oven and creates a fluffy, “billowy” end result. It is said to have German origins, … Read More.

How to Deal with Isolation

As I sit down to write this, while working from home today, it’s hard to think of anything beyond the current circumstances. Collective stress and anxiety levels are high. People are out of work (and worried), going to work (and worried), working from home, self-isolating, social distancing, homeschooling and wondering when this will end. It’s … Read More.

4 Steps to Becoming a Better Cook

After reading Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat last year and shortly thereafter becoming fully obsessed with a certain Youtube cooking channel, I was inspired to make 2020 the year of becoming a better cook.  As a hobby, I really enjoy the act of making a really delicious meal from scratch—especially when I get to … Read More.

Back From the Brink: How Food Saved Rob

In 2019, we almost lost our beloved Retail Operations Manager, Rob Walker, to a health issue. Rob made an amazing recovery, and we’re happy to say he’s back at the Co-op with his work family. The experience left him changed, though. Rob recently sat down with our Store Dietitian, Kathryn Dickens, to talk about his … Read More.

Homemade Edible Gifts That Won’t Gather Dust

Cookies and candy are clearly scrumptious homemade edible gifts that can be incredibly fun to make and give around the holidays. But have you ever been SO BURNT OUT on sweets mid-December that you are just desperate for something different? If you are one of those folks who loves to give delicious homemade gifts, consider … Read More.