Co-op Unveils New Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Good Foods Co-op, in partnership with Evolve KY and Fayette Electrical Service Inc, is proud to introduce Lexington’s latest electric vehicle charging station in the co-op parking lot, furthering their mission of sustainability and concern for community. The two charging plugs are available to EV drivers free of charge, offering another “power up” oasis in … Read More.

DIY Self-Care Recipes

Taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to mean taking a toll on the planet with excessive packaging, or on our wallets with expensive body care products. These DIY Self-Care Recipes can be changed based on the carrier oils and essential oil fragrances you prefer. Stop by your Co-op’s Wellness Department for a wide variety of … Read More.

Insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease

Article provided by Alive Publishing Group. You can find more great articles anytime on alive Connect, or grab a copy of the latest printed issue of alive Magazine next time you’re in Good Foods Co-op. It’s free! For decades, cholesterol has been vilified as the key factor driving heart attacks and strokes. While new drugs can drastically reduce LDL … Read More.

Simple Homemade Breads

Fresh, homemade breads not only warm up your home with their enticing aromas, they also surely soothe the soul as only carbs can. Making your own bread at home allows you to customize the ingredients and flavors to your tastes while also leaving the stabilizers and preservatives often necessary for shelf-stable loaves out of the … Read More.

31 Days to Zero Waste in 2021

Article provided by Alive Publishing Group. You can find more great articles anytime on alive Connect, or grab a copy of the latest printed issue of alive Magazine next time you’re in Good Foods Co-op. It’s free! You can also find more zero waste shopping tips on our website. We’re using up earth’s resources much faster than they can be … Read More.

“Fresh Bites” Holiday 2020 Owner Newsletter

Get ready for the holidays with us! We’re rolling out our Thanksgiving Grab & Go menu options, plus a handy pre-order form that guarantees you can bring home your Co-op favorites! Plus, our GM reflects on the 2020 holiday season, and how’s she’s looking forward to making more memories with less hustle and bustle. Also inside, how … Read More.

A Food Farmer’s Favorite Foods

By: Mac Stone, Farmer & Owner, Elmwood Stock Farm Let’s break down this idea into three basic food categories—actually, two categories, since we don’t grow chocolate around here. I’ll start with plants but have to pay homage to my favorite grilled meats at the end. I hope the vegans and vegetarians will stay for the … Read More.

Quarantine Crafts: DIY Natural Tie-Dye

During quarantine, the Pinterest god/goddess within all of us seemed to emerge out of the woodwork. I was surprised to see the number of people making sourdough starters and just baking in general, not to mention the number of people who all of sudden were contractors, renovating their homes with the fervor of Chip and … Read More.

A Guide to Making Ravioli at Home

Everyone seems to be trying out new recipes while we’ve been spending time at home, especially baking! But the availability of yeast and other baking ingredients have been hit or miss, plus if your bread doesn’t turn out, you’ve usually spent a lot of time and effort on something destined for the squirrels, so why … Read More.