Investing in Our Good Foods Co-op

Good Foods Coop has been operating for almost 50 years and has seen a lot of changes. The Board is asking our owners to invest in the Co-op to better serve our owners and shoppers, reach our sustainability goals and reduce our operating costs. Gathering input from owners and staff, we have prioritized the following areas of investment:

  • updating our computer equipment,
  • new dairy refrigerated coolers,
  • expanded patio seating,
  • new equipment for the bulk section,
  • replacement of the walk-in freezer,
  • new kitchen equipment,
  • new store lighting,
  • a food delivery truck,
  • new floors,
  • and if possible, improvements to the Café area.


These investments in the Co-op will improve the quality of our shopping experience while enabling the Co-op to become more environmentally sustainable by replacing aging equipment and increasing our bulk product offerings. Furthermore, the addition of the food delivery truck will allow the Co-op to expand beyond the Southland store into underserved areas of the community.

The minimum investment is $1,000. To request more information and receive the disclosure statement when it becomes available, please email Please include your full name and owner number in the body of the email so we may confirm your ownership status. Thank you!

This investment opportunity is only available to current Co-op owners. Want to get involved? Become an owner!