2020 Food Co-op Impact Report

Posted by permission from Co+op, welcome to the table. Find recipes and information about your food and where it comes from at www.welcometothetable.coop.   What is a food co-op? We’re your friendly, democratically controlled, community-owned grocery store. Unlike corporate chains, we’re independent and owned by folks in the community who shop here. Everyone is welcome … Read More.

The Decade+ Brigade

This piece was originally published in our “Fresh Bites” Spring 2021 Owner Newsletter. A huge part of what makes the Co-op so special is its people, and with so many staff members in the decade-plus club, we wondered what magic keeps them around. Here’s what they had to say…   WHAT KEEPS YOU HERE? How … Read More.

Kentucky: Home of the Best Food in the World

By: Mac Stone, Farmer & Owner, Elmwood Stock Farm Out here on the banks of the Elkhorn Creek, our tractors turn soil, rich with microbes metabolizing minerals to nourish crops to feed people. By feeding our soils with cover crops and grazing livestock on (with) them, we are able to provide food for people as … Read More.

Co-op Unveils New Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Good Foods Co-op, in partnership with Evolve KY and Fayette Electrical Service Inc, is proud to introduce Lexington’s latest electric vehicle charging station in the co-op parking lot, furthering their mission of sustainability and concern for community. The two charging plugs are available to EV drivers free of charge, offering another “power up” oasis in … Read More.

DIY Self-Care Recipes

Taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to mean taking a toll on the planet with excessive packaging, or on our wallets with expensive body care products. These DIY Self-Care Recipes can be changed based on the carrier oils and essential oil fragrances you prefer. Stop by your Co-op’s Wellness Department for a wide variety of … Read More.

Why Gardening is Good for You

Article provided by Alive Publishing Group. You can find more great articles anytime on alive Connect, or grab a copy of the latest printed issue of alive Magazine next time you’re in Good Foods Co-op. It’s free! Wouldn’t it be sweet if a single activity could improve mental and physical health, boost quality of life, cost next to nothing … Read More.

Keeping Families Fed in Uncertain Times

Families still want good nutrition for their children despite challenges. This piece was originally published in our “Fresh Bites” Spring 2021 Owner Newsletter. It feels like every aspect of our lives has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are quite literally in survival mode every day. But through it all, we still have to … Read More.

Start Writing No Matter What

This post was written by guest blogger Sylvia Lovely, a Lexington restauranteur, radio show host, author, speaker and teacher, for our upcoming online class in partnership with the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, “Writing the Stories of Your Life”, happening via Zoom as a 3-part workshop starting April 7th.  “Start writing no matter what. … Read More.

Spring Garden Goodness

By: Mac Stone, Farmer & Owner, Elmwood Stock Farm Home gardeners know the joy, the excitement, the feeling of accomplishment when they consume food that they cared for from a seed. There can be no food any fresher, and we know taste and flavor comes with that freshness. Be it a cherry tomato plant in … Read More.