Tried and True Ways to Fight Colds and Flus

If you’re anything like me, being sick is probably not on your list of favorite things to do. Whenever I start to feel like I might be getting a sniffle or a scratchy throat, I start my Destroy-The-Illness-At-All-Costs protocol which involves trying a handful of things that I’ve heard are beneficial and hoping for the … Read More.

Game Day: Planning the Perfect Menu

By: Co+op, welcome to the table Game day is about casual entertaining and good company. Focus on snacks, finger foods and foods that are easy to eat and clean up. Break out your main dishes at halftime! Prepare as much food as you can a day ahead so you can mingle with your guests. Bring … Read More.

Back From the Brink: How Food Saved Rob

In 2019, we almost lost our beloved Retail Operations Manager, Rob Walker, to a health issue. Rob made an amazing recovery, and we’re happy to say he’s back at the Co-op with his work family. The experience left him changed, though. Rob recently sat down with our Store Dietitian, Kathryn Dickens, to talk about his … Read More.

6 Simple Steps to Help Combat Seasonal Depression

The dawn of a new year seems like a time of hope for the future and excitement for the year to come. Whether in place of those or alongside them, up to a quarter of the population of the U.S. can have opposite feelings due to Seasonal Affective Disorder. Everyone’s experience with SAD is different … Read More.

Book Drive Seeks Donations for Kids in Need

This post was guest written by Tamari Turner of Near Things, a Lexington-based Kentucky culture and society website. The journalists who write for the site are also the volunteers who started the Beyond Book Fair & Drive to bring their love of literature to the next generation. You can donate your gently used children’s books … Read More.

Everything You Need to Know About Pie Dough

By Megan Dorn for I’ve always loved pie, in particular my Aunt Susie’s apple pie. When I was a kid she would bake one, wrap it up and give it to me for my birthday. Did I sit around the dinner table and share the delicious pie with my family? Absolutely not. I would … Read More.

Homemade Edible Gifts That Won’t Gather Dust

Cookies and candy are clearly scrumptious homemade edible gifts that can be incredibly fun to make and give around the holidays. But have you ever been SO BURNT OUT on sweets mid-December that you are just desperate for something different? If you are one of those folks who loves to give delicious homemade gifts, consider … Read More.