Spring Garden Goodness

By: Mac Stone, Farmer & Owner, Elmwood Stock Farm Home gardeners know the joy, the excitement, the feeling of accomplishment when they consume food that they cared for from a seed. There can be no food any fresher, and we know taste and flavor comes with that freshness. Be it a cherry tomato plant in … Read More.

Modern Day Malnutrition

Article by Mac Stone and published here courtesy of the Elmwood Stock Farm newsletter. I listened to a radio program discussing how the vast US agricultural industrial complex is leaving us malnourished while trying to provide affordable food to the rest of the world. It stated that the majority of US eaters are consuming way … Read More.

Hurricanes’ Effects Will Be Felt In Kentucky For Some Time To Come

Hurricanes have devastated much of the southern United States over the past few weeks and even for those of us here in Kentucky, that weather is causing some conundrums. Photo credit: www.wunderground.com Produce peril is one thing that will most likely have a direct effect on what we eat throughout the winter and what’s available … Read More.