Keeping Families Fed in Uncertain Times

Families still want good nutrition for their children despite challenges. This piece was originally published in our “Fresh Bites” Spring 2021 Owner Newsletter. It feels like every aspect of our lives has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are quite literally in survival mode every day. But through it all, we still have to … Read More.

Easy Meals Hiding in Your Pantry

Article provided by Alive Publishing Group. You can find more great articles anytime on alive Connect, or grab a copy of the latest printed issue of alive Magazine next time you’re in Good Foods Co-op. It’s free! Let’s get back to basics: how’s your pantry looking? A well-stocked pantry can be your best friend and maybe even the spark you … Read More.

Home-baked Gifts: Recipes for Sharing

Reprinted by permission from Find recipes, plus information about your food and where it comes from at You can also find printed versions of this recipe in our Holiday 2020 edition of “Fresh Bites“. Looking for a simple, thoughtful gift idea? These irresistible holiday treats are sure to delight. Line a gift box … Read More.

Easy Dinner Solutions

It’s almost fall, and as the heat and humidity finally begin to simmer down here in Lexington (whew!), often our schedules tend to amp up. September marks the migration back to the classroom! With this comes more planning, more hustling, and way less down time in the evenings as homework and projects must be completed … Read More.

Easy & Delicious Ham Glaze

Our kitchen manager, Brian, shared this recipe with us for our “Six Days of Sampling: A Holiday How-To” event last November. We tested it at home, and it’s AWESOME. Try it on your Easter ham and we guarantee your family will devour it. Plus, the sandwiches you make from the leftovers will be especially scrumptious. … Read More.