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For Good Foods Co-op owners only, at this time.

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Now taking orders every day, 8 am – 3 pm!

Welcome, and thanks for learning more about our new Grocery Curbside Pickup program! We believe that providing this service is very important for our community, but it is a brand new process for us, so we ask that you please be patient as we work out the kinks.

After you fill out this order request, we will contact you, if needed, as your personal shopper picks your order, and then again to get your payment information as they are ringing it up for you.

Your completion of this order request does not serve as a confirmation. Once we get in touch with you, we will set up a timeline for you to come pick up your groceries at the curbside pickup point outside our cafe entrance.

Important notes about Curbside Grocery Pickup:

  • We will do our best to offer same-day curbside pickup for orders made by 3 pm, but can make no guarantees. Orders submitted after the 3 pm cutoff will be shopped the next day.


  • Please refrain from using this service to order just a couple items. Due to the labor needed to offer Curbside Grocery Pickup, we appreciate you waiting to use this service until you have a list that includes approximately $20 or more in products.


  • Once we do call you for payment, you will need to pick up your groceries within 2 hours. Your shopper will provide instructions for pickup once payment is made.

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    How to get started:

    Simply type out your shopping list below. Please be as specific as possible: brands, quantities/sizes, local/organic preferences help our shoppers a lot! We are now offering a regular menu of Grab & Go dishes from our kitchen. You can check out the menu HERE, and then include your selections in your shopping list below.

    Note: unless otherwise specified, if multiple options exist for the item you request, we will default to the organic and/or local option. If container size isn’t specified, we will default to smallest size.

    There are purchase limits in place for some of our high-demand products like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and certain supplements. If you request more than the item limit for anything on your list, our shoppers will simply pick up the maximum number of items allowed.

If you need the assistance of one of our staff to create your order, please call (859) 278-1813, extension 0. Thank you!

Curbside Pickup Optional Fee

While we are delighted to offer Curbside Grocery Pickup for our owners, the reality is that this program requires a good amount of manpower and creates additional costs for the Co-op. We want to keep this service accessible to everyone during this time, so we are making our curbside fee optional. Please choose from the fee options below, and thank you for helping to make this service sustainable!

Choose an option (required):

$0$3$5Other (please specify amount)