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SOLD OUT: Compost 101

Recent studies estimate that 40% of the food grown in the US is never eaten and often ends up in our landfills. Recent waste audits in Fayette County show that nearly a third of our landfill-bound solid waste is organic and could be composted. You can do something about this!

Seedleaf is glad to be partnering with the Good Foods Co-op to help share information on great ways that area residents can take care of our home food waste, either by composting, or using worms to assist with that breakdown (vermicomposting). Come with your questions for this interactive discussion of the process of food breakdown, and what area gardeners can do with the finished product.

During this hour-long workshop, participants will:

1. Gain confidence in home composting efforts.
2. Share ideas on a variety of bins and compost systems that may work at their location.
3. Share other options for food waste diversion.

Tickets are free, but all attendees must register to reserve their spot. They can be reserved HERE or in-store at our Hospitality Desk.

Seedleaf has faithfully partnered with the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government, Division of Waste Management, to orchestrate our Compost Partners service for area restaurants, diverting nearly 50,000 gallons of landfill bound food waste back into our growing spaces to be used to build our soil instead. We have managed that program since 2009, and are now offering a Compost Carpool so that area residents can get a home compost pickup for a fee.