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ONLINE: Writing the Stories of Your Life

Join Sylvia Lovely for a three-part seminar series on how to write the stories of your life. From cave wall hieroglyphics to the great literary works, we are hard-wired to describe and understand our lives and the times in which we live through stories.

Some say, “I do not have a story.” Not true. Perhaps your story is about a difficult time in your life with lessons learned, maybe about a moment of triumph, how you adapted to the pandemic or are processing your role in our country’s ongoing struggle for social justice, or even simply a small act that holds significant meaning to you.

Come prepared to share your writing with others and hear the stories of your classmates. Being well over 50 and having experienced life learning lessons through adversity, Sylvia Lovely has written her own story as a witness to a life with moments of crushing defeat and ultimately triumph.

This class is offered in partnership with our friends at Good Foods Co-op and is appropriate for ALL LEVELS.

This is a three-part series and will take place via Zoom on April 7th, 14th and 21st from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Tickets are $39 for general admission, $33 for Co-op owners and can be purchased here.

Information about how to log into the Zoom meeting will be sent via email.