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Why You Should Care About Dirt

Soil is critical to life on earth. More than 99% of our food comes from soil! And that’s not all – we rely on soil to clean and store water, support biodiversity and regulate our climate. To keep our planet healthy for future generations, we need to take care of our soil.

Some agricultural practices, including over-tilling, over-grazing and excessive chemical applications, are degrading our soil. Soil degradation leads to erosion and biodiversity loss, and it threatens our food supply. In the U.S., we’re losing soil 10x faster than the natural replenishment rate.

As part of the food industry, we recognize that agriculture contributes to some of our most pressing sustainability challenges, and we believe that the most promising solutions start with healthy soil. We are partnering with one of the Co-op’s most popular brands, Annie’s, to bring soil back to life through regenerative agriculture.

How It Works: Regenerative agricultural practices work with nature to pull carbon from the air and store it in the soil, where it nourishes a network of life. By sequestering carbon underground, regenerative practices can reduce the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere! Regenerative practices include: composting, cover crops, extended crop rotations, no- or low-till, and perennial crops, among others.

What’s Being Done: At Annie’s, all of the food begins with soil. They have a long history of supporting soil health through organic agriculture, and now they’re amplifying their commitment to soil by advancing regenerative practices that enhance resilience and diversity. They’re learning from scientists, farmers, and nonprofit organizations, and exploring new ways to source ingredients and measure impact.

What You Can Do: Keep learning! Educate yourself and your family about why soil matters. Ask questions about how your food is grown. Compost at home. Support regenerative farmers… And join Annie’s on their regenerative journey!  Sign up at to stay involved.

This Earth Day, we want to make it easier to take care of the soil in your own yard!  From 4/18 to 5/1, you can enter to win this Annie’s Compost & Gardening Kit, valued at $90.  Visit your co-op through May 1, and ask your friendly co-op staff how to enter!