Today’s Hot Buffet Saturday, January 26th

Brunch:  Vegan Tofu Cauliflower Scramble; Scrambled Eggs; Shakshuka; Jalapeno Cheddar Quiche; Italian Tilapia

Dinner: Vegan Garbanzo Miso Stew; Veggie rice bake; Italian Tilapia




Brunch:  Potato Bacon Hash; Local Piggie Links; Sausage Gravy; Garlic Cheddar Cheese Grits; Maple Bread Pudding;  Vegan Gravy; Vegan “Gimmie Lean” Sausage; Vegan Biscuits; Cheesy Biscuits;Steamed Broccoli; Good Foods Kale and More!

Dinner: Roasted potatoes; Curry squash medley; Italian eggplant; Gorgonzola brussel sprouts; Thyme Parsnips, Steamed broccoli and Good Foods Kale


Vegan Carrot Ginger; Tomato; Brats & Cabbage; Wheat-Free Chicken and Rice