Today’s Hot Buffet Monday, February 17th

Buffalo Chicken Wings then Buffalo Chicken Dip then Jerk Chicken; Swedish Meatballs; Cajun Salmon Cakes then Lemon Herb Tilapia; Veggie Tikka Masala then Smoky Rice Bake; Mexican Ranchero Casserole


Squash with Feta then Simply Zucchini; Steamed Broccoli; Organic Black Beans; Garlic Cabbage then Cabbage with Bac’uns; Roasted Brussels Sprouts then Cauliflower with Bells; Roasted Parsnips; Garlic Potatoes the Spicy Potatoes; Good Foods Kale


Vegan Cilantro then Vegan Tomato Basil; Zucchini Parmesan; Potato Bacon; Wheat-Free Chicken and Rice