Today’s Hot Buffet, Monday, June 14th

Lunch/Dinner:  Sweet Potato and Kale Gratin; Coconut Mushroom Pasta, then BBQ Tofu; Cauliflower Mac & Cheese; Lemon Dill Pollock; Chipotle Chicken

Good Foods Salad Bar is now open!


Lunch/Dinner: Simply Roasted Squash & Zucchini, then Roasted Squash with Bac’Uns; Cajun Potatoes, then Tarragon Potatoes, then Basil Potatoes; Roasted Carrots, then Thyme for Cauliflower; Organic Black Beans; Organic Brown Rice; Steamed Broccoli; Good Foods Kale.




Good Foods Chili; Vegan Veggie Soup

To place a curbside order from the cafe menu, please call (859) 278-1813 ext. 256. You may also include selections from our Grab & Go menu, featuring many favorites from our kitchen, in your order. Orders are taken 8 am – 8:30 pm; all orders must be picked up by 9 pm. Please note: all Grab & Go items are kept chilled and intended to be eaten at home.


Hot Bar & Salad Bar hours




8 – 11 am: Limited selection of hot breakfast sandwiches and burritos

11 am – 8 pm: Lunch/dinner menu


Saturday & Sunday


9 am – 3 pm: Brunch menu

3 – 8 pm: Lunch/dinner menu