With so many great products on our shelves, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Let our staff help you decide what to add to your shopping list!

Do you have a new favorite, an old standby or something that has piqued your curiosity at another store? We want to know what products you are excited about! What would you like to see on the shelves at Good Foods? Drop us a suggestion card at the Hospitality Desk next time you’re in, or email us at goodfoods@goodfoods.coop.

Stone Cross Farm Smoked Andouille Sausages

“These sausages kick up any Cajun dish to the next level!”

Will, Meat & Cheese Manager

Voodoo Ranger Mango Habanero Pork Sausage

“I like that these sausages have a bit of a heat without being painfully spicy, and the heat is balanced with some sweetness from the mango flavor!”

Greg, Marketside Clerk

Shuckman’s Fish Co. & Smokery Smoked Pastrami Alder Salmon

“This smoked salmon is perfect with Boursin cheese on water crackers. It makes your midnight snack feel elevated.”

Will, Meat & Cheese Manager

Amish Wedding Peach Halves

“I could eat an unlimited amount of these peaches!”

Oliver, Marketside Clerk

Reviva Labs Collagen-Fibre Eye Pads

“These eye pads make a huge difference in smoothing and reducing undereye swelling. The instructions say that the effects only last a few hours, but I can see the results for a full week.”

Dacia, Wellness & Grocery Manager

Annabelle & Michael’s Duck Eggs

“These duck eggs make fantastic omelets. They’re everything an egg should be, but better!”

Ben, Floor Manager

Organic India Tulsi Tea

“I love this naturally caffeine free, superb adaptogenic herbal tea! It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals that support stress relief and smoking cessation.”

Lauren, Café Shift Lead

Everae Gardens Microgreens

"I love filling a bowl with chopped sunflower microgreens, micro salad and alfalfa microgreens topped with baked salmon or Marksbury ground beef. I season with Barnacle Foods furikake, Eden Foods ponzu sauce and drizzle with Eden Foods sesame oil and a splash of mirin. Toss together for a very quick and satisfying superfood meal full of living phytonutrients, enzymes and flavor!"

Kim, Grocery Buyer

Giovanni Hair and Body Care Hemp Hair Masks

“I love these products because I can use them 2-3 times per week and they make my hair super soft! They’re also very affordable, vegan, and cruelty free.”

Holly, Front End Manager

SunRidge Farms Carob Peanut Clusters (Bulk)

“They're so tasty and delicious! My favorite go-to snack”

Rob, General Manager

Alexia All Natural Onion Rings

“I love this product. It’s my vegetable donut!”

Shanell, Accounting Assistant

Shiitake Mushrooms

“These are my favorite to cook with! Not only are they super tasty, but they are incredibly healthy for you!”

Shannon, HR Manager

Wild Food Warehouse Wild Rice

“This is my favorite wild rice! I love this local product.”

Kim, Grocery Buyer

Crofter’s Biodynamic Jams

“Soil health is the key to reversing human- caused global warming. Biodynamic farming techniques help restore carbon to a natural balance. This product saves the planet! Also makes a mean grilled PB&J!”

Trey, Chill Buyer

Sir Kensington’s Sriracha Mayonnaise

“This is an amazing product. Not only in flavor, that gives a bite, but it has no canola oil, no soy oil and they use pasture raised eggs. Everyone should try it!”

Carole, Sampling Coordinator