The Board of Directors guides the oversight and guidance to ensure continued growth of The Good Foods Co-op. We are continually seeking candidates to fill openings on the Board based on the revolving term limits of the active members. If you are willing, able, and invested in the success of the Co-op, please consider joining us on the Board! By January each year, a list of candidates is presented to the Board to be entered on the ballot for election by the owners each spring, however, we are always accepting applications!


The three main functions of the Board are (1) to ensure the sound management of the Co-op’s resources, (2) to act as representatives on behalf of the owners, and (3) to plan for the future of the business. Our Board hires and oversees the General Manager, and the General Manager supervises the operation of the business. Our owners have a direct say in how the business is run by electing the Board, voicing their opinions, and choosing to attend monthly board meetings. The nine-member Board of Directors is made up of elected owners who serve staggered three-year terms.


What Qualities Should Board Members Possess?
  • An interest in helping the Good Foods Co-op grow and succeed
  • A passion and alignment to the Good Foods mission
  • An inclusive mindset, a belief that diverse perspectives best reflect the goals of the community, and a desire to create equitable solutions that support a healthy community


What Does a Board Meeting Look Like?

Our Board follows a Policy Governance structure, which is different from many traditional board formats. In Policy Governance, daily operations and decision making (the means) are left to the General Manager while the board oversees the General Manager and focuses on the overarching goals (the ends).


Apply Now to be a Board Member Nominee

Step 1: Read the Job Description to understand the duties, responsibilities, and expectations of Board Members

Step 2: Fill out the application below



After you submit your application, a current Board member will reach out to discuss next steps.