The Good Foods Co-op board functions using the Policy Governance model, designed in major part to allow for accountability within the organization as a whole while emphasizing innovative leadership to support our overarching mission.

The board acknowledges the importance of delegation in terms of our accountability and thus, keeps documentation of all expectations for themselves, the organization, and the Good Foods general manager. As such, our policies are the main avenue utilized for expressing and maintaining expectations.

The board has four categories of policies in order to express these expectations and outline acceptable paths to achievement:

1. Ends

Ends policies acknowledge desired outcomes for the organization. They detail ongoing priorities of what should be achieved and for whom. The general manager is tasked with reporting on compliance with our ends once a year.

2. Executive Limitations

The Executive Limitations outline job expectations and the jurisdictional boundaries acceptable for the general manager.

3. Board General

These policies dictate the ways in which the board delegates to their only employee, the general manager. The board assesses its compliance with these policies throughout the year.

4. Board Process

This functions as a written record of the ways in which the board is organized and details its process and outcomes. The board evaluates this process annually and throughout the year as needed.