Visit our Meat & Seafood Department for a large variety of fresh and frozen meats to make any meal a special occasion.

We are proud to work with many local Kentucky farmers, including:

Marksbury Farm (Lancaster, KY) – 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef
Stonecross Farm (Shelby County, KY) – A.S.H. free, pasture-raised pork
Farmer Joe’s (Salvisa, KY) – 100% grass-fed beef, A.S.H. free, non-GMO turkey, chicken and duck
Rolling Fork Farm (Gravel Switch, KY) – Pasture-raised, non-GMO pork
Chelsey’s Gourmet Pasture Chicken (Pleasureville, KY) – Pasture-raised, non-GMO, antibiotic-free chicken
Woodland Farm (Goshen, KY) – Bison


House-Made Sausage, Ground Beef, Hand Cut Steaks, Roast, Salmon, and Pork Loin.


Don’t see what you need in our case? Talk to anyone on our Meat Team for information on special orders and special cuts. We can even split up packages or combine them so you get the exact amount you need. Just need a single chicken breast or 7 house-made chicken sausages? We’re here to help!