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Just Egg is Just Enough for Me

Imagine with me, dear reader, if you will – a world in which eggs can be enjoyed by vegans and allergy-sufferers (like yours truly).

That world doesn’t need to be fictionary and isn’t some Twilight Zone-esque dream, but the reality offered to us by none other than Eat Just’s Just Egg. But what exactly is this miracle of modern food engineering? And what does this have to do with vegans and allergic individuals?

Woman holding a bottle of Just Egg
Not to be mistaken for a bottle of mustard, Just Egg is a fantastic egg alternative.

Just Egg is an egg substitute. It uses mung bean paste, which if you’re an Office fan, you’ll remember that Creed stores them in his desk, much to his coworkers’ dismay. And no, they don’t smell like death, but Just Egg makes for a wonderful egg substitute for individuals who miss the taste of eggs, yet cannot eat them. As an individual with an egg allergy, I love the stuff, as it proves to have the binding consistency and flavor that an egg would. They have a slightly grassy taste, but this is hardly noticeable, especially if you prefer to jazz up your breakfasts with cheese/onions/pepper. My dad always made the best scrambled eggs (his secret was using lots of butter and salt), and when I found out I was allergic to them, it killed me knowing I wouldn’t be able to eat his breakfast specialty. Once I found out about Just Egg, it really became a game changer for me, as it cooks (and looks) just like how a real scrambled egg would.

One thing I usually like to do with mine, especially if I’m in a rush, is preparing it in the microwave. That’s right. The old college trick of cracking an egg in a microwavable mug and cooking it for ~1 1/2 minutes works with Just Egg, too! And it creates the perfect puck-size protein suitable for a breakfast sandwich. I usually use a small amount of milk (Our JD’s Country Whole Milk works egg-cellently for this!) coupled with a sprinkle of salt and a dash of pepper. A whole container will make about 4-5 half-inch-sized pucks. I’ll usually put it all on an English muffin, but I’ve also used toast to encapsulate it all together. Bonus points if you add bacon, or something fun, like spinach!

I’ve even gone so far as to use Just Egg as a binder for Belgian waffles in my waffle iron. Not using anything as a binder can be harmful to the structure of the waffle, but I’ve found from my own personal experience that Just Egg functions really well in holding everything together as an egg would. And the taste, especially in a baked item, really isn’t noticeable, as the flavor seems to be more in the doughy consistency of the waffle, and there might be just a slight hint of the aforementioned grassy flavor, which is somewhat akin to tasting something whole-wheat

Just Egg can also be used in baking! Use roughly 1/4 cup of Just Egg instead of a whole egg for baked goods such as cookies, cakes and bread. (Fun fact: Sprite can also be used as a substitute in cake mix due to carbon dioxide present within soda behaving as a leavening agent. I learned this from a Starbucks barista, but I encourage you to try it yourself sometime, if you’re curious enough!)

Cooking with Just Egg
Doesn’t that look just like scrambled eggs?

The best part about Just Egg, though? We actually sell it for less than what Kroger does. You can find this wonderful product here in our online store for Curbside pickup, or find it by our dairy cooler. Another great reason to shop your Co-Op!