Eating Well When You’re Far From Home

Eating well when you’re far from home can sometimes be a challenge—namely finding good, fast food in airports or off the interstate and also finding balance in your diet when you’re at your destination. Delicious and fresh lunch at a sidewalk cafe in Marseille A few weeks ago I was extremely fortunate to take my … Read More.

Tips for Grilling Great Produce

Most people associate outdoor grilling with burgers, hot dogs and steaks, but grilling great produce is simple and scrumptious. A wide array of fruits and vegetables, paired with spice rubs, marinades and sauces galore will keep your patio table overflowing with delicious additions to your grilling repertoire. Seasonal summer vegetables just happen to be a … Read More.

BOOK REVIEW: Can Co-ops Save Our Flawed Food System?

This book review was written by our Board member, Shelby Isert (pictured right), and was first published in the summer edition of our Fresh Bites owner newsletter. Cooperatively-owned businesses are something I’m passionate about, and I’ve dedicated much of my life to furthering their success and spreading the message. I’m sure many of you reading … Read More.

#LexGetFit with 7 Easy Nutrition Boosters

This week we are celebrating Lexington’s first ever #LexGetFit Week. This initiative encourages Lexingtonians to be more mindful of their health habits from movement to everyday nutrition. As the dietitian at Good Foods Co-op, I try to help my customers find enjoyment in eating and discover ways to nourish themselves that are healthy and sustainable … Read More.

How To Make Working Out Work for You

Moving around doesn’t seem like it should be a hot button issue, but it’s surprisingly polarizing. People, especially on the internet, seem to be either so into exercising that it consumes their entire being (#FitFam #ExerciseAddict #CrossfitAllDayEverydayLiterallyLikeIShouldProbablyBePostingAboutItAgainAsSoonAsIFinishThisHashtag) or so against it that they will attempt to avoid it even at the risk of their own … Read More.

“Fresh Bites” Summer 2019 Owner Newsletter

Say “welcome!” to summer with us by joining us at our favorite events, trying out some seasonal produce offerings, firing up the grill with new recipes, cleaning the house with eco-friendly products and reading a book (you can even meet the author!). Plus, the latest store updates and announcements.   Click on the photo to … Read More.

Simple Tips From A Zero Waste Hero

This post was written by Co-op champion, cat advocate and zero waste hero, Malinda O’Quinn. Municipal solid waste is the third largest human-related source of methane emissions in the United States. In 2000, the EPA reported that each person generates 4.74 pounds of solid waste per day. By living a little more intentionally, we can … Read More.