A Food Farmer’s Favorite Foods

By: Mac Stone, Farmer & Owner, Elmwood Stock Farm Let’s break down this idea into three basic food categories—actually, two categories, since we don’t grow chocolate around here. I’ll start with plants but have to pay homage to my favorite grilled meats at the end. I hope the vegans and vegetarians will stay for the … Read More.

Workshop Preview: Writing the Stories of Your Life

This post was written by guest blogger Sylvia Lovely, a Lexington restauranteur, radio show host, author, speaker and teacher for our upcoming online class in partnership with the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, “Writing the Stories of Your Life”, happening via Zoom as a 3-part workshop starting July 29th.  A Chinese curse says, “May … Read More.

Your New Favorite Pancake: The Dutch Baby

Do you Dutch baby? Are you scratching your head as to what I’m even talking about? For those unfamiliar, a Dutch baby is like an eggy, souffle pancake. Made from a very smooth and light batter, it inflates in the oven and creates a fluffy, “billowy” end result. It is said to have German origins, … Read More.

7 Self-Care Strategies

Article provided by Alive Publishing Group. You can find more great articles anytime on alive Connect, or grab a copy of the latest printed issue of alive Magazine next time you’re in Good Foods Co-op. It’s free! There’s really no beating around the bush: times are tough these days. We’re facing a lot of challenges, … Read More.

Quarantine Crafts: DIY Natural Tie-Dye

During quarantine, the Pinterest god/goddess within all of us seemed to emerge out of the woodwork. I was surprised to see the number of people making sourdough starters and just baking in general, not to mention the number of people who all of sudden were contractors, renovating their homes with the fervor of Chip and … Read More.

COVID-19: a View from the Farm

By: Mac Stone, Farmer & Owner, Elmwood Stock Farm Entering a global pandemic has a way of changing things. What we thought was important pre-pandemic may not be as important now. This is not just a game-changer, as being healthy at home is no game; seemingly overnight, being content with healthy at home is all … Read More.

How to Cook Great Steak

By: Johnny Livesay Johnny Livesay demonstrates two of the most common ways to cook a great steak: pan-searing and grilling. With tips like what equipment to use and how to test for levels of doneness, you’ll see how easy it can be to cook a great steak at home. Find more Co+op Kitchen videos featuring information and easy … Read More.

Make Dressings from Scratch: Basics of Emulsification

By: Casey Wilcox Making dressings from scratch is simple once you understand the basic principles of emulsification. Emulsification is the combination of two liquids that don’t usually mix, like oil and vinegar. Casey Wilcox demonstrates three different methods of emulsification while making three salad dressings. Find more Co+op Kitchen videos featuring information and easy recipes for … Read More.

Starter-Free Sourdough Success

I don’t really have any hobbies. Knitting, fishing or refinishing furniture aren’t really my thing. I definitely have no baking skills. But I’ve never been consistently isolated due to a global pandemic, so I’ve found myself with a lot of free time lately. I’m also a sucker for sourdough, so when my mom told me … Read More.

Why and How to Deal with Stress

This post was written by Leah Campián, who is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and author of the best-seller, Ditch the Diet: How Your Frustration Can Lead to Freedom and Permanent Weight Loss. She offers private coaching, online programs, cooking workshops, customized meal plans and public education on holistic health and … Read More.