Holiday Favorites from our Staff

The holidays are a time for good food, and good times with family and friends. One of the amazing things about the Co-op is our Co-op family, and our passion for food amongst our staff members. We’ll share some of their recipes with you, in the hopes that you can enjoy some of their tried-and-true … Read More.

Sleep better tonight!

Sleep better tonight! Article provided by our friends over at Alive Magazine. Stop in the store anytime to pick up your FREE copy of Alive Magazine today! If you’re looking for a natural way to achieve relaxation and promote sleep, listen up! Sound therapy has been found to relieve stress, pain, and tension and increase … Read More.

6 ways to take back your mornings

Article provided by our friends over at Alive Publishing Group. Visit our store today for your FREE copy of Alive Magazine! It’s 7 am, and your eyes open to the musical chimes of your phone alarm going off.  Have you thought about how much your brain might be processing during this rushed awakening from slumber … Read More.

What’s your EQ?

Article provided by our friends over at Alive Publishing Group. Stop in the store today for your FREE copy of Alive Magazine! In the early 1990s, Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence (Bantam, 2005), came onto the scene. While his was not the first research to explore the inner workings of our emotional lives, it was nevertheless … Read More.

Mastering your Midlife

This article was brought to you by our friends at Alive Magazine. You can stop by our store and grab your FREE copy of Alive Magazine inside today! Is midlife malaise dragging you down? You’re not alone. Read on for ways of navigating midlife slumps with a positive attitude toward your past and future and … Read More.

Evan Albert, Cacklin’ Hen Hot Sauce

Cacklin’ Hen Hot Sauce is the result of Evan Albert’s culinary talents and his desire to produce a hot sauce that brings flavor to the palate as well as heat. While Evan hails from Lexington, Ky., he has roots in Green County that go back for generations. With the help of family and friends, Evan … Read More.

Tara Modjeski, Treehouse Goods

Tara Modjeski of Treehouse Goods has been making wire wrapped jewelry for 21 years. Her pieces in copper, sterling silver, and gold feature unique gemstones and original designs. Her work is inspired by the shapes and patterns of nature, and the spiraling journey of the soul. Her handmade soaps and body care come from old … Read More.

Deap Patel, Deapster502

Deap Patel, creator of Deapster502, was born in India and raised in Kuwait, then lived in Europe as a teenager and moved to the United States as an adult. With his business, he wanted to bring the heat from all of the cultures he had experienced. The resulting line of 6 all-natural salsas and sauces … Read More.

Jill & Chris Kummer, Heartland Chia

Founded by farmers in 2012, Heartland Chia is growing the first ever local chia in the midwestern United States! They produce some of the highest quality chia in the world – right here in the USA – and they want everyone to have knowledge about this nutritious superfood. Chia needs much less water and fertilizer … Read More.

Bhavana Barde, Super Food Veda

Superfoods Veda is a company dedicated towards the use of spices and other Ayurvedic superfoods in everyday diets. Ayurveda is an ancient scientific belief based on the notion that food is medicine. Superfood Veda understands that sometimes people are too busy to worry about cooking superfoods at home. That is why all of their products … Read More.