How to Make Tea Work for You

It’s easy to stereotype people who drink hot tea. The Queen of England drinks hot tea. The Dowager Countess of Grantham drinks hot tea. Captain Jean Luc Picard drinks hot tea. But I realized recently when I was nearly injured by the tea boxes that regularly explode out of my cabinet, that tea isn’t just … Read More.

Are All Alternative Sweeteners Created Equal?

As many people try to reduce the amount of refined sugar (sucrose) in their diets, natural alternative sweeteners are increasing in popularity, especially among our Co-op shoppers. But there is still a lot of confusion surrounding these sweeteners—what they are, how they are used and which is the best choice. I’ll try to answer some … Read More.

Making the Most of Your Garden Harvest

This article was written by our God of Guac and Produce Buyer Extraordinaire, Richard Vanderpool (pictured right). Did you know that 29% of Americans pick fall as their favorite time of year? I mean, what’s not to love? The kids are back in school, the days are cooler and you can practically feel the air … Read More.

Tahlsound: Southland’s Music Festival

This month, Tahlsound Music Festival returns for its third year, filling Southland drive with an eclectic, homegrown mix of live music for two days. In honor is this annual event, we wanted to learn more about this festival’s beginnings, directly from the folks who got it off the ground. Tahlsound Co-founder Brandon Pittard shares the … Read More.

5 Easy Lunchbox Ideas from a Mom Who Knows

Article by Dacia Williamson, Grocery Manager and Mom of Wyatt Getting back into the groove of the school routine can be a daunting adjustment. Homework, after school activities and early bedtimes can put parents in a time crunch when it comes to planning healthy lunch options for their kiddos. As a health-conscious parent, I’ve had … Read More.

Dodging Coconuts Part 3: Preparation and Lasagna

This post was written by guest blogger Sylvia Lovely, a Lexington restauranteur, radio show host, author, speaker and teacher for our upcoming workshop based on this blog, happening September 4th. If you missed her previous Dodging Coconuts posts, you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. I am not a cook. I joke that … Read More.