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Webb Milward, Screamin’ Mimi’s

From Lexington, Screamin’ Mimi’s started when four generations of women cooked up their special salsa that was too good to keep a secret. For over 25 years, friends and family of “Mimi” Cox enjoyed the unique flavor of her special hot sauce. Mimi’s daughter started Screamin’ Mimi’s Salsa in 1992. The secret to this delicious sauce is fresh ingredients, combined with love and fun. Screamin’ Mimi’s unique gourmet taste is a flavor sensation! Subtle sweetness rounds out its fresh, spicy—but not too hot—flavor. In 2019, the recipe was passed down to a fifth generation, when Webb Milward bought the company. A different family, but the same spirit of messy, beautiful togetherness that inspired the salsa all those years ago.