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April Featured Artist

For the month of May, Good Foods Cafe will be featuring the work of Brandon Jett.

Artist Statement:

Discovering America’s Wild Places
After realizing his passion and calling for the outdoors in college, Brandon started taking pictures as a hobby while finishing up his last 2 years of college at the University of Kentucky, graduating in 1998. From there he moved to Colorado and hiked, backpacked and kayaked in remote areas of the Rocky Mountains and the canyon country of southern Utah for 7 years before moving back to Lexington.
Specializing in outdoor photography and landscapes, Brandon has currently focused on the wild and remote places left in the southeast US. Most of his time is spent in wilderness areas of the southern Appalachians, the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee and the Red River Gorge in Kentucky.
Brandon’s photography attempts to take the observer to places many don’t get to visit, trying to capture the moment through the lens and seeing exactly what he sees. If more people are aware of these wonderful areas and have a chance to see what they offer, perhaps there is a better chance that we will leave these treasures for future generations to enjoy.