Eating for a Healthy Heart

By: Co+op, welcome to the table When it comes to reasons for eating well, heart health sits near the top of the list. It all starts with food shopping, of course—by filling your cart with heart-healthy foods at your co-op, you can help lower your risk of heart disease, including heart attack and stroke. Here’s … Read More.

A Label of Contents: GMO Labels Explained

By: Co+op, welcome to the table For nearly a decade, food co-ops have advocated for national, mandatory labeling of foods produced with genetic engineering (commonly called GMOs). We have called for a clear, simple label that can tell people at a glance if a product contains ingredients that were produced using genetic engineering. Our motivation has … Read More.

Game Day: Planning the Perfect Menu

By: Co+op, welcome to the table Game day is about casual entertaining and good company. Focus on snacks, finger foods and foods that are easy to eat and clean up. Break out your main dishes at halftime! Prepare as much food as you can a day ahead so you can mingle with your guests. Bring … Read More.

Book Drive Seeks Donations for Kids in Need

This post was guest written by Tamari Turner of Near Things, a Lexington-based Kentucky culture and society website. The journalists who write for the site are also the volunteers who started the Beyond Book Fair & Drive to bring their love of literature to the next generation. You can donate your gently used children’s books … Read More.

Everything You Need to Know About Pie Dough

By Megan Dorn for I’ve always loved pie, in particular my Aunt Susie’s apple pie. When I was a kid she would bake one, wrap it up and give it to me for my birthday. Did I sit around the dinner table and share the delicious pie with my family? Absolutely not. I would … Read More.

The Bottom Line on Bulbs

This post was written by our Plant Wrangler, Collin Lloyd. Now that temperatures are creeping close to freezing, it may not seem like the best time to get out in the garden, but in order to ensure the best blooms in the spring, it’s time to get some things in the ground. First, it’s important … Read More.

Five Fab Facts About Co‑ops

By: Co+op, stronger together   We think co-ops are fabulous. Cooperation is, after all, a word that implies people working together towards the same end, mutually benefitting one another and the larger community. Both economically beneficial and socially responsible, these community-minded businesses make the world a better place—and that’s a beautiful thing. Here are five fab … Read More.

Making the Most of Your Garden Harvest

This article was written by our God of Guac and Produce Buyer Extraordinaire, Richard Vanderpool (pictured right). Did you know that 29% of Americans pick fall as their favorite time of year? I mean, what’s not to love? The kids are back in school, the days are cooler and you can practically feel the air … Read More.

Tahlsound: Southland’s Music Festival

This month, Tahlsound Music Festival returns for its third year, filling Southland drive with an eclectic, homegrown mix of live music for two days. In honor is this annual event, we wanted to learn more about this festival’s beginnings, directly from the folks who got it off the ground. Tahlsound Co-founder Brandon Pittard shares the … Read More.