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Co-op Coffee Chat with Corey

Welcome to a new feature in the Good Foods online realm! We’re calling it Co-op Coffee Chat because our hope is that you’ll get to know the amazing people who work here at Good Foods just as you would if you were meeting them up in our Cafe for coffee. So, meet Corey and go ahead….have a chat…

We’re sitting down for a friendly chat in the Good Foods Cafe, what are you drinking?

Water or a Loch Ness milkshake for a special treat.

What’s your position here at the Co-op and how long have you been here?

On the Meat Team for 1 year.

Where are you from?

Somerset, KY

What are your favorite things to buy at Good Foods?

Hoegaarden Belgian Wheat beer, mixed nuts from the bulk bins and Smoked Gouda cheese.

When you’re not here, what are you up to?

Spending time with my wife, Carol; watching Quentin Tarantino movies; listening to old punk rock; playing the drums; riding my bike or hiking in the Gorge. In August, Carol and I are planning to hike over 100 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

Tell us your favorite Co-op moment…

Just being a part of the Meat Team, it’s pretty wild n’ crazy!

Thanks so much, Corey!